Terms & Conditions


Distance Purchase Agreement

The Distance Purchase Agreement is entered into by and between the parties:

The Seller: owner of the online store E-shop, Healing Light Medical SIA, Registration No. 44103136003, registered address: Silmaču iela 1-6,
Riga, LV-1012
The Purchaser placing the order and making a purchase in the online store E-shop.

Terms used:
Right of Refusal – the right of the Purchaser to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason within the term and in the procedure set forth herein
Refusal Form – a standardized form, through the completion of which the right of refusal may be used;
Authentication – an electronic process that enables electronic identification of the user;
Invoice-Waybill – an invoice prepared electronically by the Seller and sent to the Purchaser’s email confirming the reservation of the Products prior to payment
Distance Purchase Agreement (hereinafter also the Agreement) – a distance agreement entered into by and between the Seller and the Purchaser for the purchase
of the products, which defines the rights, obligations, and liability of the parties;
Electronic Identification – the process of using electronic identification data of a person, which uniquely confirms the identity of an individual or legal entity or the
individual representing a legal entity;
E-shop – online merchandise website for the sale of the Seller’s products https: //, where the Purchaser can purchase the Products;
User Account – a  personalized site in a specific information system that is accessible only to a specific user or user-defined group;
Order – a Shopping Cart executed by the Purchaser and sent to the Seller, on the basis of which the Seller issues an Advance Invoice to the Purchaser;
Consumer – an individual who expresses a wish to purchase, purchases or might purchase or use the Product for a purpose is not related to his or her economic or
professional activity;
Shopping Cart – the Products selected by the Purchaser in the E-shop, which the Purchaser wishes to purchase and confirms it by pressing the ‘Place Order’ button;

Purchaser – an individual or legal entity using the portal and making or potentially making a purchase of the Products. The Purchaser may be either a Consumer or a
person that is not a Consumer;
Products – products offered for purchase in the E-shop;
Parties – the Purchaser and the Seller;
VAT – value added tax applicable at a given time to the price of the Products or services at the rate specified in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia;
Registered User – a person who has provided information about himself/herself by filling in the E-shop registration form;
Registration Form – a standard form of the E-shop, where the user fills in the information to register in the E-shop and create a User account;

1. General provision

1.1. The provisions determine the legal relationship between the Seller and the User making purchases in the E-shop. In addition to these provisions, the legal relationship
between the Parties is governed by the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
1.2. The provisions of Parts 7 and 9 of the Agreement shall not apply to the relationship between the Parties if the Purchaser is not a Consumer.
1.3. The Seller shall be entitled to restrict the availability of the Products and/or services to persons from certain geographical locations, and in cases where the sale of
the Products or provision of the services may be in breach of the laws of the country of location of such persons.
1.4. The Purchaser is entitled to choose and purchase the Products in the E-shop both as a Registered User and as an unregistered user.
1.5. By registering in the E-shop and/or agreeing to the terms of the Agreement, the Purchaser simultaneously confirms that he/she has the right or appropriate
authorization to enter into the transaction.
1.6. The Agreement enters into force when the Purchaser places and confirms the Order, and the Seller has received the Order made by the Purchaser and has sent the
Order confirmation to the Purchaser’s e-mail address. The title to the Product shall be transferred to the Purchaser at the moment of receipt of the Product and the Invoice-Waybill.
1.7. The Purchaser is not entitled to order products from the E-shop if he/she has not read the Agreement or does not agree with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
If the Purchaser places and confirms the Order, the Purchaser shall be deemed to have read the Agreement and committed to comply with it.
1.8. The Agreement with its Annexes is duly signed if the Purchaser confirms it electronically or signs it with a secure electronic signature.

1.9. The Purchaser has the opportunity to read the terms of the Agreement on the portal. Information on the Orders made with the relevant Agreement numbers can be
consulted on the Registered User Account or by requesting it from the Seller.
1.10. The Seller is entitled to unilaterally amend and supplement the Agreement at any time without notice. Changes to the Agreement shall enter into force from the
moment of their publication on the website: When the Purchaser makes a purchase in the E-shop, the provisions of the Agreement in force
on the day of ordering the Products shall apply; therefore, the Purchaser must read the Agreement each time the Order is placed.
1.11. The Seller is entitled to restrict without notice the Purchaser’s use of the E-shop offers or to cancel registration of the Purchaser if the Purchaser uses the E-shop in breach of the E-shop terms of use or the provisions of the Agreement, attempts to harm the stability or security of the E-shop.
1.12. By placing a notice in the E-shop, the Seller shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the E-shop without prior notice to the Purchaser and by fulfilling the Orders
received prior to the placing of such notice.

2. Registration and processing of personal data

2.1. The Purchaser is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the Registration Form (for unregistered Purchasers – in the delivery information). If the
details of the Purchaser change, the Purchaser must update them before placing the Order.
2.2. Upon registration or placing an Order, the Purchaser must make sure that the e-mail address specified is correct, accessible to himself/herself and capable of
receiving e-mail messages.
2.3. A Registered User is entitled to freely change his/her profile details at any time without further approval by the Seller.
2.4. The Registered User assumes responsibility for storing the password in a secure location not accessible to unauthorized persons and undertakes not to disclose it to
third parties. The Registered User is responsible for any action (change of data in Product Orders, etc.) that is performed with his/her User Data in the E-shop. The Seller shall regard any person who joins the E-shop and places the Order using the Registered User’ s access data as a Registered User.
2.5. The Registered User can opt to receive commercial communications or refuse such. The Registered User may change his/her wish for commercial communications
approved earlier at any time by sending a relevant notice to Seller’s email address:
2.6. The Purchaser is obliged to read the terms and conditions of the Agreement before placing the Order. By confirming the Order, the Purchaser confirms that he/she has read, understands and undertakes to comply with the Agreement and its Annexes.
2.7. If upon registration or placing an Order the Purchaser specifies the details of a third party in accordance with the third party authorization given to him/her, he/she
shall at the same time assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information and  undertake to provide that third party with information regarding the personal data
processing by the Seller as a personal data controller in order to provide the service.

2.8. Personal data provided by the Purchaser (including unregistered customer) shall be processed by the Seller as a personal data controller for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations set forth in the Agreement, i.e. provide for the performance of the transaction, sell and deliver the Products, issue accounting documents by refunding
the overpaid amounts, money for Products returned by the Purchaser, managing indebtedness, performing other obligations arising from the Agreement, as well as to
provide quality services to the Purchasers and ensure the exercise of the right of claim.
2.9. The Seller is entitled to transfer personal data of the Purchaser to other service providers if it is necessary to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement, such as to the
Product supplier and third parties if they have a legal reason to obtain personal data from the Seller.
2.10. In processing personal data, the Seller will use organizational and technical means that will ensure protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful
destruction, alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing.
2.11. For marketing purposes, such as statistics, personal data may only be processed in aggregate form without identifying the particular Purchaser.
2.12. A Registered Customer is entitled to exercise his/her right to access and correct his/her personal data in his/her registered profile. The Purchaser is entitled to exercise his/her right of access and correction of his/her data by sending a relevant written application to the Seller.
2.13. If the Purchaser does not consent to the processing of his/her personal data for a specific purpose or refuses to provide certain information to the Seller, or requests the termination and/or restriction of processing or deletion of personal data, and if such processing, information, and personal data of the Purchaser are substantial for
performance of the Agreement, the Seller, justifying it by the impossibility or restriction of performance of obligations under the Agreement, shall be entitled to refuse to continue the transaction, to limit the offered service, and/or to cancel the Order.

3. Product prices and characteristics

3.1. The description, specification and prices of the Products are specified in the E-shop window for each relevant Product.
3.2. The prices of Products in the E-shop are specified in euros, including VAT at the valid rate. The Products are sold to the Purchaser at prices that are valid in the E-shop
at the time of placing the Order.
3.3. Product assortment and prices are subject to change without notice. Changes shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the website and they shall apply to the Product orders placed after publication of changes on the website.
3.4. The ways and costs of receiving the Products are specified in the “Delivery” section of the E-shop. The Seller shall indicate the delivery costs on the invoice if these costs are not included in the price of the Product.
3.5. The Seller is not responsible for the Purchaser’s decision to purchase the Products based on the images in the E-shop. Product images are for reference only.

4. Placing and performance of the Orders

4.1. The Purchaser can shop in the E-shop by registering as a Registered User or without registration.
4.2. The Purchaser selects the Product, fills in the application and places the Order by using the ‘Add to Cart’ menu. Acceptance of the Order includes the Purchaser’s obligation to pay.
4.3. The Order shall be deemed binding on the Purchaser and the Seller at the moment when the Purchaser has placed the Order and has received confirmation from the
Seller by e-mail. The Order and confirmation of its receipt may be stored by the Purchaser on a durable medium or printed.
4.4. The Seller shall ensure that any Order of the Purchaser is executed to its full extent, but the Seller cannot guarantee such.
4.5. The Seller shall be entitled to refuse to sell the products ordered in the E-shop by notifying the Purchaser if:
4.5.1. the products are not available in the Seller’s warehouse at all, or are not available in quantities according to the Order;
4.5.2. Product price and parameters do not correspond to actual product information due to technical error in the system;
4.5.3. The Purchaser has not researched the terms and conditions of the E-shop.
4.6. The Purchaser is obliged to check the information and data specified in the Order. In the event of any discrepancy between the information and/or data, the Purchaser
shall notify the Seller via the customer service email address: or other means of communication specified in the Contacts section.
4.7. The Seller is entitled to cancel the confirmed Order by notifying the Purchaser thereof. In such an event, the Seller shall reimburse the Purchaser for the full amount transferred in accordance with the Invoice-Waybill in case the Purchaser has made the payment and the respective amount has been credited to the Seller’s account.

5. Payment procedure

5.1. Payment for the purchase is possible by non-cash transfer:


with Visa and/or MasterCard payment card;

bank transfer;

5.2. Payments specified in the Agreement shall be deemed to be made at the moment when the Seller has received the amount specified on the Invoice-Waybill in its
current account with the credit institution.

6. Delivery and acceptance of the Products

6.1. Delivery is possible throughout the European Union. In the Order, the Purchaser shall provide complete and accurate information about the place of delivery. The duration of the delivery, once the item leaves our location is a responsibility of the carrier, but usually takes up to 7 days after dispatch.

6.2. The Purchaser is obliged to be reachable at the mobile number and/or e-mail specified in the Order in order to agree with the Product supplier (courier) on the
terms and place of delivery at the specified time to perform the Order.
6.3. From the moment the Products are transferred to the supplier (courier), the security of the Products and compliance with the delivery terms are the responsibility
of the respective service provider. The Purchaser is aware that in exceptional cases delivery of the Products may be delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond
the Seller’s control. In such an event, the Seller or the courier shall immediately contact the Purchaser and arrange for another possible delivery time;
6.4. When delivering the Products to the Purchaser, the invoice-waybill, the refusal form and the technical and quality certification documentation of the Products shall be
delivered with the Products;
6.5. Delivery and the Order shall be deemed completed when the Products are delivered to the Purchaser with a Invoice-Waybill by the deadline specified in the
6.6. If delivery of the Products is not possible due to Purchaser’s fault or circumstances beyond the Seller’s control (the Purchaser has provided incorrect
address, the Purchaser is not found at the specified address, it is not possible to contact the Purchaser, address cannot be accessed, etc.), the Products will not be
resent (unless the Purchaser additionally pays for repeated Product delivery).
6.7. The money for the Products shall be refunded within 30 (thirty) days to the Purchaser’s account from which the payment was made. Costs of delivery are non-
refundable. Refund will be made by the same payment method used by the Purchaser for the initial transaction.
6.8. If, upon receipt of the Products, the Purchaser establishes that consignment does not contain the appropriate quantity of Products, the Products supplied do not
conform to the Order, or the packaging is obviously defective and it is not specified in the delivery document, the Purchaser shall immediately, but not later than within 2 (two) business days, notify such to the Seller by sending an appropriate message to the Seller’s email address listed in the contact section:

7. Right of refusal

7.1. The Consumer may exercise the right of refusal and unilaterally withdraw from the purchase of the Product specified in the Order within 14 calendar days after receipt of the respective Product, i.e. from the date of signing the invoice-waybill (inclusive).
7.2. The Consumer may not exercise the right of refusal in the events specified in Paragraph 22 of Cabinet Regulation No. 255 . In such cases, the Seller is entitled not
to accept the Product and refuse the use of the right of refusal by the Purchaser as well as not to refund to the Purchaser the money paid for the Product.
7.3. In order to use the right of refusal, the Purchaser shall complete the refusal form in his/her User account electronically at: https: // or complete and sign the refusal form attached to the delivery document by duly specifying all the necessary data and send it to the Seller, together with the Product, to the address
Silmaču iela 1-6, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia.

7.4. The Purchaser shall, without undue delay, but no later than within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after completing the refusal form, return the Products to the Seller by
paying the shipping costs and sending to the following address: Silmaču iela 1-6, Riga, LV-1012
7.5. The Seller shall refund the price of the Products returned by the Purchaser using the right of refusal, subject to the exceptions set forth in Paragraph 22 of Cabinet Regulation No. 255, within 20 (twenty) calendar days after acceptance of the Products. Right of refusal shall not apply to opened and/or used skincare products. If the Purchaser has purchased an LED device together with the skincare product, full right of refusal shall only apply if the skincare product has not been opened and/or used. In the event that the Purchaser has used the skincare product, opened the packaging and tried it, the right of withdrawal shall only apply to the LED device. Upon the refund of the Product the Seller shall deduct the amount of the skincare product and refund the difference between the full price of the Product and the value of the skincare products used. The price of the skincare products is indicated in the e-shop section skin care.
7.6. The Seller shall be entitled to withhold prepayment of the amount paid by the Consumer under the Agreement until the Seller has received the Products or the
Purchaser has submitted a confirmation that the Products have been sent back, whichever is earlier. The delivery fee shall not be refunded to the Purchaser.
7.7. The Purchaser is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the Product during the exercise of the right of refusal. The Purchaser shall be liable for any reduction in the value of the Product if the Product is used in a manner inconsistent with the principle of good faith, including for purposes other than ascertaining the
nature or performance of the Product.
7.8. The Products must be undamaged, unobtrusive (no labels removed or damaged, protective film unopened, etc.) and unused. The Product must be returned in the same set as it was received, including the Product acquisition document, the user manual, and other accessories of the Product.
7.9. Expenses for delivery of the Products to the Seller shall be borne by the Purchaser (except for the Products that do not comply with the provisions of the
7.10. The refusal application form is available at

8. Warranty

8.1. The Buyer is obliged to read the Instructions for Use of the Product carefully before using the Product and to use the Product only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, in accordance with the Product characteristics and its intended use.
8.2. The Seller warrants the compliance of the Products sold with the manufacturer’s guarantees and standards. Warranty term information is provided in the Product description in the E-shop.
8.3. Notwithstanding the warranty provided by the manufacturer, in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Rights Protection Law and other laws and regulations, the Consumer shall be entitled to bring a claim against the manufacturer or the Seller for non-compliance of the Product with the provisions of the Agreement.
8.4. The right of claim shall be valid if the Product was used only under the intended conditions, only for domestic use and in accordance with the Instructions for Use of the Product.
8.5. The manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions apply if the Purchaser can provide proof of purchase (invoice-waybill);
8.6. Please be advised that warranty provisions do not apply to any additional belongings of the Product (such as product accessories).
8.7. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused by fault of the Purchaser or any third party, such as:
8.7.1. damage of Product warranty seals, serial number;
8.7.2. the Product has not been used for its intended purpose and has not been operated as specified in the Instructions for Use of the Product;
8.7.3. scratched, broken structures, Product cleaned by improper means, if the Product has any other features that indicate misuse of the Product;
8.7.4. if the damage is due to power supply, telecommunications, power cable networks not complying with the manufacturer’s standards, rapid temperature fluctuations, and/or any other domestic and external factors such as soot, smoke, dust, humidity, shocks, scratches;
8.7.5. if the product shows signs of unqualified repair;
8.7.6. in the event of natural wear of elements;
8.7.7. if non-standard power supplies have been used for the Product;
8.7.8. if the Purchaser has used the Product for professional purposes;
8.7.9. the warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper transportation of the Product.
8.8. In the event where the Product is damaged during the warranty period, the Purchaser has the opportunity to return the Product by sending it to Silmaču iela 1-6, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia, as well as to call the Seller’s customer service, who will recommend the most suitable solution.
8.9. The warranty application form is available at

9. Product non-compliant with the provisions of the Agreement

9.1. Consumers shall have the right under the Consumer Rights Protection Law to bring a claim regarding a Product that does not comply with the provisions of the Agreement within 24 months from the date of receipt of the Product.
9.2. The Purchaser shall submit a claim regarding the Product that does not comply with the provisions of the Agreement as well as the non-compliant Product itself subject to the provisions of Section 27 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.
9.3. The claim shall be considered in the procedure and within the time limits set forth by the applicable laws and regulations.
9.4. If it is established that the claim discussed in this section has been made regarding a good quality Product that complies with the Purchaser’s order (Agreement), the delivery fee will not be refunded to the Purchaser.

10. Liability of the Parties

10.1. The Agreement shall enter into force when the Seller has received the Order made by the Purchaser and sent the Order confirmation to the Purchaser’s e-mail address. The Agreement shall be valid until the complete fulfilment of mutual obligations of the Parties.
10.2. The Seller shall not be liable for damages incurred by the Purchaser or third parties as a result of the Purchaser specifying incorrect or incomplete details (or not updating or adding details) in his/her User Account.
10.3. The Seller shall not be liable if it has sent the Invoice-Waybill/Monthly Invoice to the email address specified by the Purchaser but the Purchaser has not received it.
10.4. All disputes arising between the Purchaser and the Seller shall be resolved in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
10.5. If the Purchaser has any claims about the quality of the Product then he/she must submit a relevant application to the Seller identifying the Purchaser and the Product as well as the reasons for the application. The application shall be sent to registered address of the Seller or electronically to the email address

  1. The Distance Purchase Agreement shall be subject to, inter alia, the 20 May 2014 Cabinet Regulation No. 255 “Regulations regarding the Distance Agreement”.
  2. Receipt of payments made via banks is ensured by third parties that are not party to the Agreement. Third parties authorized to provide non-cash payment services are responsible for the processing of the Purchaser’s data in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data.
Version valid from 02 January 2020

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🤍Neatkarīgi no jūsu ādas tipa, ādas aizsargbarjeras stiprināšana noteikti atmaksājas ilgtermiņā!!

Šobrīd krēmam -20%! Izlutiniet sevi🤍

🧴Jaunums, ko tik ļoti gaidījām!
Ķermeņa krēms, kas nodrošina pilna spektra kopšanu Jūsu ādai.
🤍Iepazīšanās cena -20%

📍Ābolu sēkliņu un Ābolu miziņu ekstrakti – bagāti antioksidantiem un tonizējošām vielām. Sekmē ādas atjaunošanos. Antioksidanti un flavonīdi – tonizē ādu, uzlabo ādas tvirtumu un elastību.

📍Dzērveņu ekstrakts – mitrina un mīkstina ādu.

📍Zaļās tējas ekstrakts – bagātais antioksidantu komplekss saglabā ādas jaunību un skaistumu, kavējot novecošanās procesus ādā. Perfekti izlīdzina ādas toni.

📍Tīruma kosas ekstrakts – dabīgs silīcija avots ādai. Izteikti nostiprina un atjauno ādu. Nomierina.

📍Āzijas centīlijas ekstrakts – ādu atjaunojošs ingredients. Sekmē kolagēna sintēzi. Uzlabo mikrocirkulāciju ādā un sekmē ādas reģenerāciju. Uzlabo ādas tvirtumu un elastību. Nostiprina asinsvadu sieniņas un samazina audu tūsku.

📍Gurķu ekstrakts – augstais polisaharīdu saturs darbojas kā izcils mitrinātājs. Atsvaidzina, tonizē un mīkstina ādu. Izlīdzina ādas toni, samazina audu tūsku un ādas jutību. Uzlabo ādas aizsargspējas.
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🔬Šķietami acīmredzama atziņa: “Lai nodrošinātu ādai vispareizāko kopšanu, ir jāzina tās tips.”
Bet diemžēl, bieži vien par šo piemirstam. Mūsu āda mainās, tāpēc tas, ka padsmitnieku vecumā izvēlējāties krēmu taukainai ādai, nenozīmē, ka šis krēms ir labākais, ko varat sev nodarīt arī tagad.
Nosakiet savu ādas tipu jau šodien un izvēlieties atbilstošu kopšanu!

▪️Nogaidiet kādu stundu - pusotru pēc tam, kad būsiet notīrījuši seju no rīta vai vakarā. Paņemiet plānu salveti un ar plaukstām piespiediet to pie sejas. Paturiet piespiestu aptuveni 5 sekundes un noņemiet, vērīgi ieskatieties nospiedumos.
🍂ja nospiedumu nav - āda ir sausa;
🥑ja redzat taukainus nospiedumus T zonā un vaigu apvidū - tas liecina par taukainu ādu;
💐ja taukaini nospiedumi ir redzami tikai T zonā - āda ir kombinēta;
🍒normāla āda arī var atstāt nospiedumus, bet tie būs knapi pamanāmi.

Šis vienkāršs tests ir būtisks pirmais solis ceļā uz veselīgu ādu, neatmetiet tam ar roku 🤍

🇱🇻 🤍Mums viņa ir visskaistākā...
Sirsnīgi apsveicam katru no Jums mūsu valsts dzimšanas dienā! #latvija🇱🇻 #latvia #dzimšanasdiena #valstssvētki #skaistums #apsveikums

Āda, kurai nevar nepieskarties 🤍pavisam drīz...

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Paldies visiem, kas piedalījās 🤍
Konkursa uzvarētāji ir noteikti un mēs sazināsimies ar viņiem DM.

🤍Rūpejieties par savu un apkārtējo drošību ar komfortu.
Šī rokām darināta sejas maska sašūta no trīs auduma kārtām.
Maskas iekšpusi klāj mīksta 100% kokvilna, kas nekairina sejas ādu.
Esam arī padomājuši par maskas uzglabāšanu, tāpēc komplektā Jūs saņemsiet arī maisiņu, ko varēsiet ērti piestiprināt pie rokassomiņas.

🤍 Neskatoties uz to, kādu masku Jūs izvēlaties ikdienā, lūdzam, turpiniet ievērot drošības pasākumus un rūpēties par sevi un citiem.

🤍Mēs visi kopā tiksim ar to galā!

🤍5 kļūdas ādas kopšanā mājas apstākļos
Kamēr skaistumkopšanas saloni ir slēgti, ir būtiski nepalaist ādas kopšanu pašplūsmā, tāpēc ar sertificētu kosmētiķi @jekaterinarepisevska esam sagatavojuši Jums sarakstu ar kļūdām, no kurām būtu jāizvarās, kopjot ādu ikdienā.

☀️Kopā ar sauli pazūd arī SPF krēmi
Lielākā daļa cilvēku zina, ka saules starojums ir ādas ienaidnieks. Bet daudzi ir pārliecināti, ka mākoņainā laikā ādai nav nepieciešama SPF aizsardzība. Tas ir mīts. Ultravioletais starojums ir kaitīgs vienmēr - gan mākoņainā laikā, gan aukstajā sezonā.

🧴Toniks sejas ādai paliek “bezjēdzīgo” produktu plauktiņā
Patiesībā toniks ir nepieciešams katram no mums, jo sejas mazgāšanas laikā, pēc saskarsmes ar ūdeni, tiek izjaukts ādas dabiskais pH līdzsvars. Tonika galvenais uzdevums ir atjaunot to un sniegt papildu mitrumu.

🌙Nakts krēms, tāpat kā toniks, “apaug ar putekļiem”
“Ļaušu ādai atpūsties pa nakti.” Pazīstami? Nakts krēms labi mitrina un baro ādu, paātrina atveseļošanās procesus, kuri visaktīvāk notiek tieši naktī. Tātad, ja vēlaties, lai āda atpūšas - pirms miega uzlieciet krēmu.

🥊Cīņā ar taukainu ādu tiek likts lietā spirts
Vēl viena kļūda ādas kopšanā: taukaina āda,ar tendenci uz spīdumu, tiek mocīta ar spirtu saturošiem losjoniem cerībā, ka šādi tā paliks sausāka. Patiesībā viss ir tieši otrādi: vienīgais veids, kā panākt, lai āda ražotu mazāk sebuma, ir sākt to aktīvi mitrināt.

🧼Rūpes par ādu beidzas pie zoda
Kakls un dekoltē zona ir pirmie, kas nodevīgi atklāj vecumu. Lai arī mēs uzskatam, ka vecums nav nekas tāds, no kā būtu jākaunās vai slēpj, ja tomēr Jūs vēlaties saglabāt šo abu zonu tvirtumu ilgāk - neaizmirstiet nākamreiz mitrināt arī tās.

✅ Uzvarētāji paziņoti. Paldies visiem, kas piedalījās! 🤍

#konkurss #labibūtlabam
Jūs noteikti pazīstat kādu, kam netraucētu uzsmaidīt!

▫️sekojiet @bamboolaser
▫️ietagojiet komentāros, kam Jūs vēlētos, lai nosūtam dāvanu!

15.11. Izlozēsim 3 laimīgos, kam nosūtīsim #bamboolaserbeauty vitamīnu masku un sejas krēmu!


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Pasaules līmeņa #skaistumkopšanas #salons Jūsu mājās 🤍
Viss, kas nepieciešams Jūsu skaistumam ir Jūsu rokās ar #bamboolaserbeauty
Esiet sava skaistuma eksperti! #bamboolaser #bamboolaserbeauty #ledtherapy #lighttherapy #skaistumkopšana #ražotslatvijā #atbalstivietējos #skaistums #veselība #светотерапия #домашнийуход #paliecmājās #sargāseviunapkārtējos

Pavisam drīz...

Jaunums, ko gaidījām tik ilgi - zīdaini maigs ķermeņa krēms, kas sniedz ilgnoturīgu komfortu ādai:
🤍 Uzlabo ķermeņa aprises
🤍 Padara ādu samtainu
🤍 Izlīdzina ādas toni

#bamboolaser #bamboolaserbeauty #ledtherapy #lighttherapy #skaistumkopšana #ražotslatvijā #atbalstivietējos #skaistums #veselība

Sejas masāža ir ne tikai lielisks veids kā atslābināties, bet arī kolosāls instruments grumbiņu samazināšanai. Turklāt, Jūs to varat veikt mājās, ērti laiskojoties uz dīvāna.
🧼 Sagatavojiet ādu - notīriet ādu un maigi nosusiniet ar dvieli.
🧴 Izvēlieties pareizu produktu - mēs esam radījuši sejas masku, kas ir perfekti piemērota masāžai, jo tā nodrošina izcilu slidamību(kas ir ārkārtīgi būtiski, lai netraumētu ādu), bet derēs arī kāds no produktiem, ko Jūs jau izmantojat
🖐🏻Sāciet masāžu virzienā no kakla uz augšu, ievērojot Langera līnijas(skat. bildē). Šādi Jūs veicināsiet limfas atteci. Pirkstiem ir brīvi jāslīd pa ādu, ja kādā brīdī jūtat, ka slidamība pasliktinās, pievienojiet vēl izmantoto produktu (#bamboolaserbeauty sejas maskas gadījumā pietiek vienkārši mazliet saslapināt pirkstus ūdenī).
⏳Turpiniet masāžu desmit minūtes, tad nomazgājiet masku ar siltu ūdeni
🌺Uzklājiet krēmu un izbaudiet mirkli!

Atvēliet masāžai pāris minūtes katru dienu pie rīta vai vakara ādas kopšanas rituāla, uzklājot sejas krēmu.

🤍 Veltiet masāžai mazliet vairāk laika trīs reizes nedēļā.

#paliecmājās #skaistumkopšana #skaistums #veselīgsdzīvesveids

❕5 pazīmes, ka Jums ir nepieciešams nomainīt savus ādas kopšanas ieradumus

🤍Jums ir sajūta, ka āda ir savilkta. Tas var liecināt par ādas dehidrāciju un lipīdu aizsargbarjeras izjaukšanu.
Pievērsiet īpašu uzmanību mitrināšanai, izvairieties no pīlingiem un skābēm.
🤍Nevienmērīga tekstūra. Cēlonis var būt atmirušu ādas šūnu uzrkrāšanās.
Lai atrisinātu problēmu, sāciet izmantot pīlingu reizi vai divas reizes nedēļā. Derēs maigs skrubis, vai ķīmisks pīlings profesionāļa uzraudzībā.
🤍Taukaina āda. Iemesli var būt dažādi: hormonālas svārstības, laika apstākļu, vai sezonas maiņa, nepareizi piemeklēti ādas kopšanas produkti.
Lai arī tas var izklausīties kontrintuitīvi, bet taukaina āda var liecināt par dehidrāciju. Tāpēc ir svarīgi atrast vieglu mitrinātāju uz ūdens bāzes.
🤍Apsārtumu un ādas jutīgumu izsauc ārējie faktori, pārmērīga eksfoliācija un spēcīgas sastāvdaļas ikdienas ādas kopšanas produktos. Paņemiet pārtraukumu no eksfoliācijas un spēcīgām sastāvdaļām uz pāris nedēļām, ļaujiet ādas barjerai atjaunoties.
🤍Uz ādas parādījušies mazi sarkani izsitumi. Ļoti iespējams, ka tos izsauca jaunu produktu ieviešana ikdienas ādas kopšanā. Pārtrauciet produktu lietošanu uz pāris nedēļām un atsāciet to pakāpeniski.

Maskne nav iedomāts stāvoklis

#maskne (#mask + #acne ) vēl viens vārds, ko mums iemācīja 2020. gads
‼️Jūsu maska var aizturēt daudz silta gaisa, kad runājat, vai elpojat. Papildus tam, ka tas ir nepatīkami un dažreiz pat kaitinoši, tas rada siltu, mitru vidi, kas ir ideāla baktēriju augšanai.

Baktēriju disbalanss un pastāvīga maskas berze var veicināt aknes un rosacejas uzliesmojumus, kā arī periorālo dermatītu.

❔Ko darīt?

▫️Neatkarīgi no tā, vai iegādājāties atkārtoti lietojamas auduma maskas vai izgatavojāt tās pašrocīgi, ir ļoti svarīgi saglabāt auduma maskas tīras. Būtu vēlams mazgāt masku pēc katras lietošanas dienas. Ja Jūs lietojat vienreizējās maskas, mainiet tās pēc iespējas biežāk.

▫️Pienācīgi attīriet ādu divas reizes dienā. Bamboolaser Maigs attīrošs līdzeklis perfekti palīdzēs Jums uzturēt ādu tīru. Kviešu dīgstu proteīnu un inovatīvais PENTAVITIN® ādas mitrinātājs aktīvi palīdzēs uzturēt bagātīgu mitrināšanu un baro ādu, atjaunojot to. Pienskābe nodrošinās maigu pīlingu.
Pēc attīrīšanas, lai normalizētu ādas pH līmeni pēc saskarsmes ar ūdeni, iesakam lietot Bamboolaser toniku.

▫️Uzturiet ādu mitrinātu
Ir ļoti svarīgi visu dienu uzturēt ādu pēc iespējas mitrinātu, lai palīdzētu uzturēt ādas barjeras funkcijas. Kā arī samazinātu berzi maskas un ādas saskarsmes vietās.
Lielisku mitrināšanu visas dienas garumā Jums noteikti nodrošinās Bamboolaser Sejas krēms.

▫️Sargājiet lūpas
Sausa āda un sasprēgājušas lūpas ir bieži sastopamas sejas maskas ādas problēmas. Jūs varat novērst tās, savlaicīgi uz lūpām uzklājot vazelīnu, vai lūpu balzamu biezā kārtā.

▫️Minimalizējiet dekoratīvās kosmētikas lietošanu
Jūsu poras zem maskas jau tā cīnās ar sviedriem un baktērijām, nepievienojiet tiem klāt arī dekoratīvo kosmētiku, jo šis ir īsākais ceļš uz aizsprostotajām porām.

🔬Pētījumi ir pierādījuši, ka LED procedūras var efektīvi ārstēt daudzas ādas problēmas, taču rezultāti ir kumulatīvi, tas nozīmē, ka Jūs neredzēsiet ilgtermiņa ieguvumus no viena salona apmeklējuma reizi gadā.

🤍Ja regulāri skaistumkopšanas salonu apmeklējumi nav iespējami, risinājums varētu būt mājas ierīce. Šādi Jūs varat ne tikai kļūt par savas ādas kopšanas eksperti, bet arī pastiprināt rezultātus, ko gūstat pie profesionāļiem.

#bamboolaser #bamboolaserbeauty #ledtherapy #lighttherapy #skaistumkopšana #ražotslatvijā #atbalstivietējos #skaistums #veselība

Labākais ierocis cīņā ar citu cilvēku īgnumu - humors, skaistums un neizsmeļams optimisms! 🤍 #skaistumkopšana #stilsunmode #skaistums #prieks #mīlestībapretsevi ...

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Izbaudiet vēl nebijušas atlaides! Saņemiet pirkumus salonā "Beauty Corner" Ģertrūdes ielā 10, Rīga, LV-1010 Dismiss

Mums ir īpaši piedāvājumi tikai reģistrētiem lietotājiem! Saņemiet uzaicinājumus uz izpārdošanām un izbaudiet ekskluzīvas atlaides.